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 I began writing at a very young age. I knew at some point in my life I would become an Author. Most of my work career I have worked with kiddos of all ages. For 10 + years I worked with children with disabilities, specializing in in children who were diagnosed with autism and displayed aggressive behaviors. I loved my job but after working with high behaviors my body was hurting so I switched it up and became a Toddler teacher. It was such a fun change where I got to really get creative and see growth in such young minds. After 4 + years my wife and I became certified Foster Parents. 4 kiddos were placed with us and for the first time, they all lived under the same roof! But sadly, they all came with garbage bags!! We were shocked! They all had some challenges and needed more support so, I took the leap of faith and we agreed I would become a stay at home mom for them. Once all the kiddos were all in school (3 years later) I decided to open and own my own business called eert flair (tree backwards). I create all sorts of art for customers. My biggest sellers are kids/baby growth charts. In 2016, it became official and our adoption was finalized!! Ending their journey in foster care. Finally now I am in the perfect spot to become that Author I knew I was mean to become at a young age, and with my children inspiring me, I hope that you will join me in my journey!

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Debut of my publishing company - Lit Genuis Books. 

 Hey, I'm Foster! I'm a garbage bag. I know I'm supposed to carry garbage and then go to the dump. But, instead I was hired to carry all of Radish's treasured items that he has in this world inside of me since he got placed into foster care. Follow Radish and I throughout our journey through foster care into adoption. You will get to see how I learn all about family and love on this wild voyage. 


 On a given day, over 1,200 children enter foster care in the United States. Most of these children will stay over two years; in a system that is supposed to make them feel safe, but often makes them feel insecure and alone. In many cases these children are ushered out of their home with all of their worldly possessions stuffed into a lowly garbage bag. All the while, learning to cling to their garbage bag, like an only friend. This led to a lovable book by Lindsey Rombkowski named Foster. A story about young Radish entering into the confusing world of foster care, told by his only friend in the world, Foster, his garbage bag of possessions. Follow them on their path to adoption, and help real children along the way. 

Let’s spread awareness, help children get duffel bags and throw garbage bags where they belong, in the trash! 

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